3D Virtual Tabletop Update Submitted for iPad & iPhone

If you’ve played with 3D Virtual Tabletop on your iPad or iPhone and have been waiting for an update, you’ll be pleased to know that it should be touching down in about a week.  Yesterday I submitted a new version to the App Store.  Last time it took 8 days for it to be approved, so I’m hoping that it’ll be in your hands early next week.  I’ve been using it in the weekly Pathfinder game that I run, with a large monitor connected to an Apple TV that mirrors the screen on the iPad.  We just pass the iPad around for people  to move their miniatures, and we can all see what’s happening on the monitor.

3D Virtual Tabletop on iPad - Custom Miniature Picture

The most requested feature that I’ve had so far is for you to be able to use your own pictures for the miniatures on the table top.  Your wish has come true! You can now choose any picture from your photo library on the device, or even take a photo with the camera, and use it as a virtual miniature on the map.  One great thing about this is that it opens up the possibilities beyond role playing games like D&D and Pathfinder, to any rpg out there, even sci-fi, modern or western, whatever game you like to play.

There are four other great improvements incorporated in the new app, which really make a difference.  They are ideas you have suggested to me, and things I’ve come across as I was using it myself.  Stay tuned, I’ll tell you about them when 3D Virtual Tabletop is approved and available in the App Store for iPad and iPhone.

Posted on December 5, 2012 .