3D Virtual Tabletop Demo on Android Updated

3D Virtual Tabletop on Android Tablet - Under Attack

The 3D Virtual Tabletop app on Android has just been updated with the latest improvements that are in the online demo:

  • More realistic miniatures that really look like a card on a plastic holder
  • Now includes more than 100 miniatures that you can add to the map
  • A light source can be added or removed from each mini
  • Load your own maps to explore

3D Virtual Tabletop on Android Phone - Adding a Miniature

It was great to see these features come to Android.  Improved lighting is the next thing that I’m going to put in the Android version, that’s still one aspect that is not quite as good as the online demo.  I’ve still got some more miniatures to add to the collection too, I’m hoping to end up with more than 150 packed in there.  That should cover most creatures that characters will encounter in a standard fantasy role playing game, with a wide variation of monsters to have a good substitute if the exact one is not available in the included menagerie.

3D Virtual Tabletop on Android Phone - Loading a Map

Loading of maps is fairly basic at this stage, you need to have one set up to the right size and scale before you load it in.  Hopefully it won’t be too long before you can scale and shift maps within 3D Virtual Tabletop, which will make it a lot easier and quicker to use.  I’m looking forward to enabling maps of higher densities too, like 50px per square or 100px per square, as they make it look amazing and will really bring your rpg to life.

Updating 3D Virtual Tabletop for Android has been a difficult process that has taken longer than it should have because I don’t have an Android device to try it on.  I’m currently looking at the available Android tablets to see if I can pick one up at a reasonable price.  That would really help and bring updates faster to Android.  If the table top is not quite working right on your phone or tablet, let me know, but with the wide range of devices out there, there is only so much I can do. 

Posted on May 31, 2012 .