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Miniature Naming is Coming to 3D Virtual Tabletop

Here’s a screenshot of the new Miniature Naming that I’m working on for 3D Virtual Tabletop.  It’ll be great for keeping track of different monsters and make it easier for players to say which enemy they are attacking.  I could have really used this in a past encounter where I ambushed the party with 28 orc-like creatures.  It would have made it much easier to identify each adversary.

The names are saved with scenarios so you can set them up beforehand.  I like to do this to give monsters descriptive names like “Bugbear with Torn Left Ear” rather than just a number.  Everyone in the game can see the name, so you can’t use it for private info, but if you’re making notes, you can use it as an identifier. Names can also be changed on the fly to reflect conditions, which is especially helpful if you end a session halfway through a combat.

3D Virtual Tabletop Miniature Naming Preview
Posted on June 22, 2015 .