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A Megadungeon on an iPhone

Someone sent this to me and I just had to share it with you, I still get a kick out of seeing these things. It’s the largest map I’ve seen used in 3D Virtual Tabletop and proves you can use big battlemaps even on a phone, with multitouch making it so easy to zoom in and out. Most of the map is dim because this is the GM’s view and those parts are hidden by fog of war. The illuminated area shows what the players can see. Even with the resolution limit on a map this big, it’s still very playable when you zoom right in.

3D Virtual Tabletop Megadungeon on iPhone
Posted on March 16, 2015 .

15 Superbly Detailed Maps Now Included in 3D Virtual Tabletop

Lumberjacks Tavern map for 3D Virtual Tabletop

Lots of people ask me where they can find maps to use with 3D Virtual Tabletop, so I’m pleased to announce today the inclusion of 15 maps from DramaScape.  They come bundled in the app at no extra charge, but feel free of course to look at their other maps to see if something suits your fancy.  The maps included cover a wide range of genres, from traditional fantasy, to modern, and futuristic sci-fi.  Hopefully there is something there to get you started.

Maps have also been one of the major issues for me in my own use of 3D Virtual Tabletop for my Pathfinder campaign.  I’ve made it easier to import your own maps, but providing maps that are this high quality really lets you see what the virtual tabletop is capable of.  My own maps that I create aren’t nearly as good as these, but of course, even just a simple map works really well.

Junction Room map for 3D Virtual Tabletop

The update that contains the maps will be available for Android on Google Play several hours after this was posted, in a few days on the Amazon Appstore, and within a week for iPhone and iPad on the Apple App Store.

Posted on May 23, 2013 .