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One of the Biggest Updates Ever is Now on its Way to You

A new version of 3D Virtual Tabletop that includes scenario saving and miniature naming has been submitted to the iOS App Store and is awaiting review.   When it is approved I can release the same update on Google Play.  It also contains numerous other little tweaks here and there to make the experience smoother.  One of which is a new feature to lock miniatures to the tabletop, so that they will be the only ones that stay around when a scenario is loaded or the map is changed. This is great for having a party of player characters visiting different areas with different maps, or prepared encounters saved as scenarios.  The group will stay together as the environment around them changes, with other enemy miniatures in the previous scene automatically removed.

Most of my time since the last update has been focused on finding a workaround for what was apparently a bug in Unity for 64-bit iOS devices, so I haven’t been able to make much progress on the web version.  Now that I have been able to get the iOS version to work, the web version will be getting some love again.  I’ll also be paying some attention to the Android variant for the Amazon Appstore too, hoping to get that out in the near future as well.

Here’s a screenshot of the new miniature naming and locking in Castle Ravenstein.

3D Virtual Tabletop Miniature Naming and Locking in Castle Ravenstein
Posted on July 22, 2015 .