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Final Countdown for the Start of the 3D Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter

With now less than 24 hours to go before the start of the 3D Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter, it’s time for another sneak peak.  The screenshot below highlights 2 of the rewards that are going to be available during the campaign.  The miniatures are from a Human Adventurers set and a Half-Orc set by Battle! Studio.  They are waging war on a map provided by Adventure-A-Week.  I’m grateful to have these two on board and their enthusiasm for the project bodes very well for the future.

Humans and Half-Orcs Looking For Alagoran's Gem on 3D Virtual Tabletop

Posted on August 5, 2013 .

6 Days Until the 3D Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter Begins

The network multiplayer that you want in 3D Virtual Tabletop is just around the corner.  The Kickstarter campaign to make it happen starts in just under 6 days from now.  You can check out the homepage for a live countdown.  I’d appreciate it if you could back it on the first day.

Here’s a screenshot of what we have in store for you.  The dwarven minis are from Battle! Studio and there is a reward level that will make them available for you to use within 3D Virtual Tabletop.  The great little map is from Lord Zsezse Works, who are also supporting the campaign.

Dwarves in The Hall of the Well on 3D Virtual Tabletop

There is so much potential in a true 3D virtual tabletop.  What you have seen from me so far only touches the surface of what could be.  I’ve had so many positive comments about the app so far, it’s great to see it resonate with people that have used it.  I don’t think I’m the only one to find out about an awesome Kickstarter after it has finished.  We just need people to know about the project so that they have the opportunity to support it.  Now that I’ve shown you the first step, you can help complete the vision by telling your gaming group about the campaign.

Posted on July 31, 2013 .

Network Play Coming to 3D Virtual Tabletop via Kickstarter

3D Virtual Tabletop is now set to become a real virtual tabletop, letting you share the map with others in real-time, whether they’re over the other side of the table, or over the other side of the world.  That’s what I’ve been spending spent most of my time on since the last update, but there are a few things I need to spend money on to make it happen, so I’ll be launching a Kickstarter campaign next week to help finish off the final stage.  You’ll be pleased to know that the networking is cross-platform, so it doesn’t matter if you’re on an iPad, iPhone or Android, you can play with the rest of the group regardless of what device they have.  My Pathfinder group has mostly iPads or iPhones, but we have one guy with an Android phone, so I can’t get away without including him too.

More details to come over the next week.