Creatures from Deck of Legends come to 3D Virtual Tabletop

As we get closer to 300% funding of the 3D Virtual Tabletop Kickstarter, it has gained momentum and some new artwork for backers.  This new art comes from the Deck of Legends Kickstarter which is also on now.  The Deck has all the cards in a normal 52 card deck, plus 2 jokers, but they are richly illustrated with a range of characters, locations, monsters and items, depending on their face value.  This turns the Deck into a wonderful tool that can expand your game, with its use limited only by your imagination.

Deck of Legends Creature Cards

The good news is that the characters and monsters from the Deck, a total of 24 creatures in all, are going to be available as stand-up miniatures inside 3D Virtual Tabletop, if you back it at least at the $9 Swordmaster level.  You also benefit from backing the Deck of Legends because as their stretch goals are hit, any additional artwork produced will also be available in 3D Virtual Tabletop.

Posted on August 19, 2013 .