Automatic Multiplayer Reconnection

When coming back to your game in 3D Virtual Tabletop after running another app, it will now automatically reconnect to your multiplayer session, if other people are still there.  This means you can now look up some rules on the ‘net or refer to a PDF on your device, and a few minutes later when you swap back to the app, you can pick up where you left off with everyone else.  This makes it much more convenient for multiplayer games, it no longer matters if you temporarily lose your connection of if it times out.

I know you’ll enjoy this, because when I’ve been testing it out, whenever I had to go back to using an earlier version that didn’t have automatic multiplayer reconnection, it was a bit frustrating, to say the least.  It can take 5 seconds or so to reconnect, and there is an animating spinner on the top left of the screen to let you know that the reconnection is in progress.

I’ve just updated 3D Virtual Tabletop on Google Play, which should be available to everyone on a few hours.  Later today I’ll be submitting the update for the Apple App Store, it only took 5 days last time for it to be approved, hopefully it’s that quick again this time.

At this stage it works best when the app has just been sleeping in the background.  I still have some work to do for resuming after the app has been shut down completely, such as logging you back in automatically.  If do you log in manually though, it will then rejoin the game automatically.  So that’s the next thing I’m working on, better behaviour when resuming, such as logging in automatically, to make running the game a smoother experience.

On Google Play:

In the Apple App Store:

Posted on November 2, 2014 .