3D Virtual Tabletop Comes to the Web with 3D Terrain

3D Virtual Tabletop Comes to the Web with 3D Terrain

An awesome new version of 3D Virtual Tabletop is available online right now at 3dvtt.com/game.  You can play in your web browser on your Mac or PC, and it even works great in Safari on iPad.  Lots of fun to be had with some cool new stuff:
•    3D Terrain
•    Dynamic miniature resizing
•    Buttons for rotating miniatures
•    Locking your view of the tabletop into 1 of 3 angles – low, high, or top-down
•    Marketplace
•    Text chat and dice rolling

This new online version is not compatible with the existing mobile versions.  My short term plan for this is to make the web version work really well in mobile browsers. So far it runs really well on iPad, with some more work for me to do to make it feel just as good on iPhone and Android.

Subscriptions have also been simplified, no longer do you need everyone in your group to pay. You can try it out for free, and when you want to take things further, only one person in the group needs to pay $4.99 / month, rather than everyone having to chip in $0.99 / month.  This changes things slightly for some Kickstarter backers.  My current plan to handle this is to increase the rewards at some levels, such as by extending the term of the reward subscription, to ensure people feel like they are getting more than backing at a lower level.

The addition of the marketplace also means I have an avenue to deliver many of the other rewards from the Kickstarter. Those will be included as I fill out the shop. Rewards for iOS and Android will be transferable to this new web version.  Claiming your rewards is something I’m still working on and will be introduced in the coming weeks. In the mean time, you can try it out for free to get familiar with it, and run a game or two.

We’re also at Gen Con, with some great deals for people that can make it there in person. Come and see us at booth #2927

Posted on August 4, 2016 .