Flat Miniatures now in 3D Virtual Tabletop

In 3D Virtual Tabletop Online, you can now set your miniatures to be flat tokens.  This lets you do a whole lot of cool things:

  1. When someone gets knocked unconscious, you can make the miniature flat, to indicate to everyone what just happened. Another miniature can be moved into their space, and you can still see both miniatures, and easily manipulate them.
  2. Conditions, such as On Fire or Poisoned, or anything else, can be marked with half-sized tokens, using any symbol you want to upload.
  3. Props that lend themselves to being flat, such as pile of coins or something else on the floor, can be represented with flat tokens.
  4. Larger flat tokens are great for area effects. If you put a larger token, such as for a fireball, on an area with smaller tokens, such as for individual creatures, the smaller ones appear on top so you can still see and edit them.
  5. Flat tokens can be rotated as usual, and maintain their orientation in top-down view, which can be handy for things like space battles.

I’ve found these useful in my own game, and I hope you do too.

Also, as someone requested, I’ve added a new command to the chat:
/clear – it will remove all the currently displayed chat messages to give a better view of the map.

Posted on November 19, 2016 .